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Zuan Education Latest news – What’s New at Zuan??


We are an IT training educational institute in Chennai offering part-time courses for all students as well

as professionals who like to change their career in IT field. All our experienced professionals are here to

give you the world class training.

As there is a boon in IT field, many students like to change over to IT field. Keeping this in mind, we are

giving high quality training for all our students. Additionally, one more special news is there for our

So, you are waiting for What’s new at Zuan?

Stay tuned till tomorrow. Until then keep guessing!

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Hire Our Students

Dear corporate employers, at Zuan Education, our students are well-equipped with all potential skills required for various Information Technology domains. Our candidates who pass-out from our institute are sure to have all the stuff required to be your employees. So, stop hunting and start recruiting our candidates and quench your thirst!