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AngularJS Training in Chennai

AngularJs is a JavaScript framework supported by Google. It is used to create powerful applications. It is the most wide spreading JavaScript framework which helps in developing web applications. It extends HTML vocabulary which creates faster and powerful developed web applications. If you are new to JavaScript or familiar, AngularJS training in Chennai at Zuan Education will indeed aim for mastering you.

What do we cover in AngularJS training?

Our training will cover the complete techniques of AngularJS. We will cover the Bootstrap AngularJS applications, MVC architecture with its markup and expressions, SPA Development and much more.

AngularJs Training Course in Chennai


Why do you want to choose us?

There are many reasons for you to opt for best training institute that offers AngularJS courses in Chennai. Most of the centers don’t start with the basic knowledge of the course and they do not update you with on- going technology aspects. But here we strive for making you master in this field. We make your time effective by teaching you all the essential information needed in this field so that it will help you in getting placed with the Top companies.

Whom this AngularJS course in suitable for?

Our training course will be suitable for the people who have their field interest in web designing or for people who have knowledge in HTML, JavaScript. The best factor of us is that we teach you all these stuff practically and also we will make you work in live projects from Day1, so that you will not only gain knowledge, but practically you will be expertise.

If you want to build Rich Internet Applications (RIA), enroll AngularJS training in Chennai, we will offer you all the in-depth information required for this training from the scratch.

Individual Training

It is a one-on-one in-class individual training that helps to upgrade yourself with a deep knowledge and key concepts of the corresponding courses.

Batch Training

Online Training



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Dear corporate employers, at Zuan Education, our students are well-equipped with all potential skills required for various Information Technology domains. Our candidates who pass-out from our institute are sure to have all the stuff required to be your employees. So, stop hunting and start recruiting our candidates and quench your thirst!